AMA District 14

Enduro Division

Supplemental Rules

and Guidelines


AMA/D14 Enduro Division 2023 Supplemental Rules

The District 14 Enduro Series is comprised of a group of AMA chartered clubs and promoters engaged in the sponsorship and promotion of enduros.  It is dedicated to the betterment of the sport of enduro riding and to providing the individual competitor with a quality, safe, challenging event.  The following rules and guidelines will be used to govern enduro events in the District 14 enduro series.

  1.  Recognized classes


A 29 and under B 29 and under C 29 and under

A 30+  B 30+ C 30+ 

A 40+  B 40+ 

A 50+  B 50+ C 50+

A 60+  B 60+




  1. Required equipment

    1. At sign up, all machines must be equipped with operating headlight, taillight, horn, mirror, and valid license plate “where applicable”, and a USFS – approved spark arrestor muffler.

    2. All required equipment must remain intact during the entire event.


  1.    Events, Fees and Results

    1. As much as possible, D14 events should not be conflict with National Enduro dates.

    2. There will not be more than one enduro sanction per week in District 14, except by consent of the enduro chairman.

    3. Any D14 chartered club or promoter may apply for a D14 Enduro sanction.  Applications will be considered by the enduro chairman.

    4. Entry fee must be listed on any event advertisement.

    5. All series run will have a 9:00 am key time unless clearly indicated otherwise in the event flyer.

    6. The A 50+ class will ride the same course as the “A” classes.  The 60+ and Women’s will ride the same course as the “C” classes.

    7. All District enduro sanctioned events must run the full set of D14 enduro classes, with the exception of National enduros.

    8. At National enduros that are also a D14 enduro sanctioned event, D14 enduro series members may enter any class that is offered as long as it is appropriate for the rider classification (A rider must ride and A class, B rider must ride B class).  For the purpose calculating D14 enduro series points, points will be given for the class the rider has chosen to ride in the District 14 Enduro series. 

AA riders are strongly encouraged to ride the AA class provided at a National.  If a D14 rider chooses to ride a class at a National other than the D14 class, they must notify the points keeper 30 days prior to the National event.

When riding a National Enduro, riders are responsible for ensuring that they ride the correct course length that is appropriate for their D14 class.  E.g., Riding A 55+ at a National typically runs the “B” course. If the rider enters A 55+ a the National, but is running A 50+ in D14, they need to ride the “A” course at the National in order for their results to be transferred to the D14 A 50+ class correctly.

    1. For Restart format events, Emergency checks will be scored by total minutes and seconds and calculated from the top of a rider’s due minute.  Scores will be tabulated by the actual number of minutes and seconds that a rider is late to an emergency check. Example: if you are due on minute 20, and come in at 21:30, your score is 1 “minute” and 30 “seconds” not 1 “Point” and 60 “Emergency Points”.            


    1. Row assignments

      1. For all events, AA riders must ride on rows 21-40.  One row position must be available on rows 21-40 for the AA riders.  No row positions will be reserved for specific riders.

      2. All promoting organizations are encouraged to provide a paid pre-entry system for all events.  When there is a paid pre-entry system, a rider will be given the choice of requesting three rows in order of preference.  For riders to request to be on the same row, their paid entries must be sent in together.

      3. All other starting positions, including those assigned at event sign up, will be assigned and reserved only if there is an entry fee paid for the row being assigned.

      4. The option of using the lottery system for row assignment is at the discretion of the event promoter.


    1. Marking Standards

      1. Two arrows laid down indicate a turn depicted on the route sheet

      2. Arrow pointing at 45 degrees indicate a turn ahead in the direction of the slant.

      3. Arrow pointing down indicates a minor hazard.

      4. Road signs indicate possible cross vehicle traffic.

      5. X indicates DANGER.

      6. W indicates Wrong Way

      7. Gas stop signs must be used to depict the beginning and end of a gas stop.


    1. Riders must make their scorecards visible and available to checkpoint people.


    1. Clubs/promoters have the right to penalize (including disqualification) any rider who, in the opinion of the flag person at the road crossing, failed to stop at that road crossing.


    1. The event promoter must use a sweep crew that follows the entire course to aid disabled bikes or injured riders, and to ensure that no participants are left stranded on the course.


    1. All scores that make it through the protest period are official for event awards.  During the protest period, scores are to be posted listing individual rider’s scores.  All clerical errors found after the protest period must be brought to the attention of the Points Keeper by the close of the second event following the event in question, or before the D14 annual sanctioning meeting (first week in December) if it is the last scheduled event of the season.


    1. If the final check is a secret check before the final posted mileage on the route sheet, club/promoter must inform the rider that the event is over.


    1. All events will have a riders meeting:  topics should include courtesy to the checkers and faster riders, policy on road crossings, and to introduce referee and assistant.


    1. In order to fund the awards banquet and help operate the series, each club/promoter will contribute the following amounts for each sanctioned event:

      For D14 only events:  $5 per rider+

      For co-sanctioned events:  $5 per rider who is registered for D14 enduro points.



    1. Any D14 assessed fees must be forwarded to the D14 enduro Treasurer within 14 days of invoice.  Payment must be post-marked within 14 days of invoice, or the event promoter may be assessed a $50 late fee, payable to D14 enduro series.


    1. Event Results:


      1. Must be submitted to the D14 enduro Points Keeper within 7 days of the event, or the event promoter may be assessed a $50 late fee payable to the D14 Enduro Series.

      2. Must be submitted in electronic format as either text, Excel, CSV (Comma Separated Value) or MDB (Microsoft Access database) file format.

      3. Required fields are:  AMA number, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, City, State, Bike Brand, District Membership(s), Class, Checks Completed, Points and Emergency Points.  Each field must be separated by a delimiter.

      4. If there are different course lengths used at the event, the number of total checks possible for each class course length must also be included in the results.

      5. If event results are not submitted in electronic format as described, or results were generated by a non-approved scoring application, the event promoter may be assessed $150, payable to the D14 Enduro Series.


        •  Please check with the D14 Enduro Points Keeper for a list of currently approved scoring applications.


    1. If a club/promoter has any outstanding fees or assessments, D14 Enduro points may be pulled for the associated event.


  1. Series Points and Awards


    1. All riders must also be a current District 14 member as of the date of the event to earn series points, it is a promoter’s responsibility to ask for proof of District membership, and a rider’s obligation to provide proof of membership.


    1. Series points will be awarded for each event, in each recognized classes, as follows:


Grand Champion  35 points 6th place – 14 points

High Point AA 30 7th place – 12

High Point A 30 8th place – 10

High Point B 30 9th place – 8

High Point C 30 10th place – 6

1st place 25 11th place – 5

2nd place 22 12th place – 4

3rd place 20 13th place – 3

4th place 18 14th place – 2

5th place 16 15th place – 1


‘d.  Number of events to be counted for end of season standings will be as follows:

1-5 events - ALL events count

6 events - 5 events count

7 events - 6 events count

8+ events - Drop 2


‘e.  The Grand Champion category (includes A/AA riders) will have only 1 drop.  This is only for determining the Grand Champion at the end of the year. All other classes, including Overall A/B/C, will use the standard drop schedule.


‘f.  A rider must complete the first timed section to receive series points for the event.  If a rider signs up but does not start the event, they will not receive points for the event.

‘g.  Worker Points:


  1.  A rider that works an enduro will receive 1st place points in their class for that event.

  2. The rider will receive Overall points equal to their best Overall finish for the season.

  3. A rider is eligible to receive worker points for only one (1) event per season.

  4. Permission to work an enduro must be granted by the club/promoter, and the definition of “working” an event is left to the discretion and judgement of the club/promoter.

  5. The Enduro Chairman must receive notification, preferably in writing, from the rider at least 30 days prior to the event date stating the enduro to be worked.  If notification is made less than 30 days from the event date, or not at all, approval of worker points is at the discretion of the event promoter and Enduro Chairman.

  6. The Points Keeper will confirm with the club/promoter after the event that all workers requirements have been met prior to awarding points.

  7. A rider can work up to 25% of a non sprint enduro and still ride the event.


h.  If at the end of the series a tie exists, the winner will be determined by:


  1.  The rider with the highest point value in the corresponding Overall class.

  2. If tie still exists, the rider having the most 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., will be the winner.

  3. If a tie still exists, the points accumulated in all the events previously not counted (e.g., drops), regardless of whether the riders involved in the tie have competed in an equal number of events, will determine the winner.

  4. If the tie still exists, the rider who had the better score at the last event in which all riders involved in the tie competed will be the winner.

  5. If the tie still exists, and the riders did not compete directly against one another in any event, the rider who competed against the most entries in the class of all the accumulated events will determine the winner.

  6. If the ties still exists, and the riders competed against the same number of riders in the series, the rider competing against the most entries in a single event will be the winner.

  7. If the tie is in “Overall” and the riders did not compete against each other, both riders will be awarded the same position.

  8. In the event a tie still exists, the winner will be determined by the D14 Enduro Chairman.

  9. Worker points will be considered for the purpose of breaking a tie, but the worker points value will be equal to the rider’s best finish in the class for that season.


  1.  A banquet will be held after the series to present awards.


j.   Riders must earn points in 60% of the events completed to qualify for year-end awards, at the discretion of the Enduro Chairman.


  1. Top riders


    1. AA, A, B, C Hi-Point riders shall be determined on an overall basis.

    2. The top riders from the classes will be awarded points on the basis of Rule 4a starting with 1st place.

    3. The top 12 AA/A riders from the previous year, plus all National AA and above riders, will be considered as Enduro AA within District 14.

    4. Any person riding the AA class must ride that class at multi-district events if that class is offered by the club/promoter putting on the event (Except AMA National Enduros).  Riders are required to ride their highest classification at multi-sanctioned events (e.g., AA class).


  1. Advancement points – refer to AMA Off Road Advancement System.


  1. Elections, Rules and Voting


    1. Voting on D14 Enduro Division rule changes and election of the Enduro Chairman will be done at the annual D14 sanctioning meeting.

    2. Rule changes can be submitted to Enduro Chairman anytime throughout the year.  These proposed changes will be reviewed and discussed at the annual meeting.

    3. Each D14 Chartered club and promoter shall receive one vote for each D14 sanctioned event that they host in the most recently completed season, OR are hosting in the upcoming season.  A 2-day event will count as 2 votes if each day of the event is scored separately. If a 2-day event is a combined score, the event will count towards 1 vote.

    4. The Enduro Chairman will be allocated 1 vote.

    5. There will be three (3) Enduro Rider Reps.

      1. One (1) Rider Rep. must ride in the C Class, Womens, or 60+ class.  The other two (2) must ride in one of the A/AA or B classes.

      2. Nominations for Rider Reps can be submitted by anyone.  Those nominations should have an expressed interest in being a Rider Rep.

      3. Nominations must be submitted to the Enduro Chairman no later than the annual District 14 Sanctioning Meeting (first Saturday of each December).

      4. A 10 day voting window will be made available within 7 days of the D14 Sanctioning meeting for eligible riders to cast their ballot, either electronically or via mail in ballot.  The newly elected rider reps will be announced by December 31st of the current year.

      5. To be eligible to vote, a member must have received D14 enduro points in the current year/season.

      6. Each eligible voting member will be allowed to cast up to three (3) votes for those nominated.  Up to one (1) vote can be cast for nominees in the C, Womens, 60+ Rider Rep. category, and up to two (2) votes can be cast for nominees in the A/AA/B Rider Rep. category.

      7. The nominee receiving the most votes in the C/ Womens/ 60+ Rider Rep. category will be deemed one of the elected Rider Rep for the new term.  The top two (2) nominees receiving the most votes in the A/AA/B Rider Rep. category will be deemed the other two elected Rider Rep. for the new term.

      8. Ties will be won by the person who has ridden the most events in the current season, and if necessary due to both tied nominees having the same number of events, looking back to the prior seasons, in reverse chronological order, until the tie is broken.

      9. The term for Rider Rep. is one (1) year , beginning on January 1st of the new year.

      10. Each Rider Rep will be allocated one (1) vote regarding Enduro Division rule proposals and elections.

    6. Only those eligible to vote and are present at the D14 AMA Sanctioning Meeting shall be allowed to vote.  The term “present” shall be defined to include those in physical attendance at the meeting, and those who are participating via telephone conference call.

    7. A rule proposal will be deemed approved by majority vote.

    8. All approved rule changes will take effect beginning the next January 1st, pending review and approval by the AMA.

    9. The newly elected Enduro Chairman will appoint a Vice Chairman/Points Keeper.

    10. The term for the Enduro Chairman, Vice Chairman/Points Keeper, and Enduro Rider Reps. will be for one (1) calendar year.


  1. Rule Books

    1.  D14 enduro events will be governed by the current:

      1. AMA Racing Rules

      2. District 14 Bylaws and Enduro Division Supplemental Rules

      3. For National Enduro events, the AMA National Enduro Championship Series Supplemental Rule

2019 Enduro Rules 

2018 Enduro Rules 

 2017 Enduro Rules