General Rules

These rules are a supplement to the AMA Amateur, Semi-Pro and Youth Competition Rulebook and the AMA Road Rider Rulebook.

1)     AMA District 14 points may be awarded for events scheduled on the same date as an AMA Regional
Qualifier or an AMA National Amateur Championship Event.
2)     A rider may elect to use the number earned in AMA National or AMA District 14 Competition (see applicable rules section). Referees may not change numbers on score sheets or referee reports to defeat the purpose of this rule.
3)     All entrants with a Michigan mailing address must be current members of the AMA and District 14 to ride in District 14 off road events or to earn District 14 road points or to qualify for any District championship. Points shall not be awarded retroactively. Other District cards shall be honored, but no District 14 points shall be kept.
4)     Events or races not sanctioned at the Annual Sanction meeting and/or events sanctioned less than 30 days prior to the day the event is scheduled to be held, do not automatically become points paying events. Such events MUST be advertised in a manner to offer reasonable assurance that every interested rider will have the opportunity to know about it. Each AMA District 14 Division may have varying requirements.
5)     A club or promoter must be chartered and in good standing before any events promoted by them can pay AMA District 14 points.
6)     All current District 14 Board members shall have free admission into all amateur District 14 events.
7)     Each promoter is expected to follow the AMA and District 14 Rules. Fines and penalties may be imposed as follows:
a.     Infraction: AMA Referee Report 14-29 days late. Letter from AMA will be received, copy sent to District.  Penalty: Automatic 60 days probation.
b.     Infraction: Referee Report 30+ days late. Letter from AMA will be received, copy sent to District. Penalty: Automatic suspension for one (1) year.
c.     Infraction: Non-payment of insurance or late payment. Letter from AMA will be received, copy sent to District. Penalty: Automatic 60 days probation. Failure to resolve the problem prior to the next event or within 21 days of infraction will result in automatic suspension.
e.     Infraction: Returned (NSF) dealer checks (awarded to riders) or NSF checks to District. Penalty: If checks were made good within 30 days - pay bank fees incurred by dealers or District 14 and automatic one (1) year probation. Penalty: If checks not made good within 30 days and bank fees not paid – automatic suspension.
f.     Infraction: Clubs and event promoters will submit an Event Report, Membership Applications and funds collected for Membership Applications to the Membership Administrator within seven (7) days of District 14 event. Event paperwork must be received no later than 14 days after the event. All required paperwork submitted to Membership Administrator must be COMPLETE, correct and on time. Penalty: $100 fine for clubs and event promoters for each event date if required paperwork is incomplete, incorrect and/or late.
Items (a) through (e) are subject to penalties - 1st Offense: a term of probation to last up to 60 days from the promoter's next event.
2nd Offense: $250 per violation plus up to or including six (6) months probation from the promoter's next event. Special exceptions may be made to these penalties based on individual circumstances. Items 1 through 4 can be appealed to the District 14 Board. fines collected from Items (a) through (e) to go to the District 14 General Operating Fund.