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The District 14 Hare Scramble series is an off-road racing series put on by the American Motorcyclist Association's District 14.  Our courses are a mix of off-road terrain and require both skill and fitness. The races are generally broken up into a morning and afternoon program. In the morning program we have classes mainly geared towards the up-and-coming riders. 50cc Autos go first, for a 20 minute race.  Then the morning Mini and Women's event goes off, for a 1 hour race. The age range for most of the morning classes is 7 years old all the way up to 15 years old, with the exception being the open displacement open aged women's class. In the afternoon program the races are 2 hours plus a lap. The series usually runs from mid-April through mid-October with a varying amount of races year


2024 Harescramble Schedule

April 28 Battle Creek Motorcycle Club

June 9 Muskegon Motorcycle Club

June 16 Valley Trail Riders

June 30 Tin Roof Flyers

August 4 Polka Dots Motorcycle Club

September 8 Ogemaw Sport & Trail

September 29 Whiskey Creek

October 13 Ten Pines Ranch **Double Points Showdown


Want to host a race or become a race promoter?

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District 14 new race format beginning 2019

The two big changes for 2019 include how the classes are identified and the rider identification. This year the classes will be identified by starting row number instead of a class letter.  For example, the formerly known ‘M’ class (AA/Expert class) will be row 1 this year and will have a 3” diameter large ‘1’ sticker displayed on the back of their helmet. Based on the class you race each rider will be required to have the corresponding class row number displayed on the back of their helmet. This new rule eliminates the need for class letters on your bike.  A picture example of row number sticker placement can be seen below. The class rows and starting order can also be seen below. NOTE: The row number stickers will be available at sign up.

In 2019 riders will also be required to display a unique 3-digit number (selected by the scoring personal at sign up) on the side of their helmet. The number on the side of the helmet may not match the number displayed on the bike. The number displayed on the side of your helmet will be used for backup scoring purposes and eliminates confusion if there are multiple riders with the same number on their bike. Therefore, this new rule will eliminate the need for having a unique number on your bike, meaning multiple riders could have the same number or no number at all. A picture example of unique rider identification sticker placement can be seen below. NOTE: The rider identification stickers will also be available at sign up.


NOTE: Starting orders will not change; they will be the same at every event.


We will be racing with (1) scoring shoot.

Races will be (2) hours plus (1) lap