AMA District 14 Hare Scramble Rules 2017


Officers and Representatives


Chair: Kevin Fleszar

339 E Miller Rd, Building 1, Mio, MI, 48647

PH: (734) 735-3717

[email protected]


Vice Chair: Mark Becker

8289 Gulley, Taylor, MI, 48180

PH: (248) 672-1224

[email protected]


Treasurer: Jessie Richardson

15130 Mitchell St, Grand Haven, MI 49417

[email protected]


Points Keeper: Mark Becker/Sherry Fleszar


Rider Rep: Zach Keizer

4595 Sutton pl SW

Grandville, Mi 49418


[email protected]


Rider Rep: Taylor Carpenter

2016 Armstrong

Lansing, Mi 49917


[email protected]


Alternate Rider Rep:

Tracy Hall









1.      Races will be held on the dates and at the locations published in the District 14 newspaper and on the District 14 Hare Scrambles web page. Event scheduling or venue changes or cancellations will be posted to the District 14 Hare Scrambles web page as soon as they are known.


2.      Motorcycle hare scrambles races will be 3 hours, or a maximum of 15 laps, in length. The 2 hour classes will be 2 hours, or a maximum of 10 laps, in length. Youth class races will be 1 hour in length.


3.      Hare Scramble tracks will be a minimum of 3.5 miles. Courses should be laid out such that, even in the event of inclement weather prior to or during the race, the minimum track length is achieved. Mini course length is at the discretion of the promoter.


4.      Race programs for District 14 hare scrambles races will typically follow this order:


·        Youth and Small Bike Women – parade lap 8:30am, scheduled race start 9:00am

·        Adult Riders – scheduled start 11:30am

·        ATV classes if offered – scheduled start 3:00pm


5.      Programs for National Hare Scrambles and special events may follow an alternate schedule.


6.      Dead-engine starts will be accomplished on a class by class basis as follows:


·        Start Order for Youth and Small Bike Women Riders

                                                    i.     Super Mini [W]

                                                  ii.     85cc  Junior [Y]

                                                 iii.     65cc  [P]

                                                 iv.     Trail bike and Small Bike Women’s classes (rotated each event) [N,T]


·        Start Order for Adult Riders

                                                    i.     3 hr Expert [M]

                                                  ii.     remaining 3 hr “A” classes (rotated each event) [A,V,H]

                                                 iii.     2 hr Expert [E]

                                                 iv.     3 hr 50+ class [S]

                                                   v.     3 hr “B” classes (rotated each event) [B,F,L]

                                                 vi.     2 hr “B” classes, including 50+ class (rotated each event) [Z,SS]

                                               vii.     “C” classes (rotated each event) [X,R,K]

                                              viii.     Women’s class [C]


7.      If there are only a few riders in a class, it may be combined with another class (after alerting the scoring personnel) of the same skill level for starting purposes only. Any rider leaving the starting line prior to their assigned start position will be penalized 1 lap.


8.      Scoring (via electronic transponder and manual back-up) will be on a lap by lap basis with lap times being recorded for each lap (minutes and seconds). An analog clock must be displayed at scoring area in full view for the riders to see. Key time (start time) of 12:00 will be used on the clock for each race. The loss of a transponder during a race will incur a one lap penalty (all classes).


9.      The designated scoring area will serve as a “no passing zone”. Riders enter in single file and exit single file in a slow safe manner. Promoters will clearly mark the scoring area and the checkered flag will always be forward of the scoring area.


10.   The club/ promoter is responsible for monitoring the laps/time and making the riders aware of whether laps or time will determine the completion of the event. This should be done before the start or in the early stages of the race. The white flag shall be displayed at such a time as to ensure the checkered flag is given to the leading solo rider at or past the 2 and 3 hour elapsed times, or at the maximum lap count. In the event of extreme track or weather conditions the club referee, District Chair, and rider reps can make necessary changes.


11.   The club/promoter will double mark the course as needed and riders must go between any double markers or around any double marked turn. Failure to follow the INITIAL prescribed course will result in disqualification and/or penalty UNLESS COURSE OFFICIALS have altered the course during a race due to deteriorating conditions.


12.   If a race must be stopped due to unforeseen circumstances with less than half the scheduled time having elapsed trophies may be given but NO District 14 points are to be awarded.


13.   A rider must finish a minimum of ½ the laps of the winner of their class to be scored in the results.


14.   To determine the overall position of a rider, the competitor with more laps will finish higher in the overall regardless of elapsed time.


15.   Riders registered as team participants may only race in the team class for which they entered. No rider entered as a team participant may also race in a solo class during the same event.  At no time may both bikes and riders be on the course - only one rider/bike at a time.


16.   All results and awards are final after a protest period (30 minutes after results are posted). Awards shall be presented as soon as possible following the protest period has elapsed. Only clerical errors can be corrected for administrative purposes.


17.   Trophies and/or awards will be paid to the riders the day of the event as follows: 2 riders/ 1 award; 3-4 riders/ 2 awards; 5-8 riders/ 3 awards; 9-12 riders/ 5 awards; 13-17 riders/ 6 awards; 18-20 riders/ 7 awards; and 21-up/ 8 awards





1. District 14 Hare Scrambles Division will award points in the following classes:


Youth and Small Bike Women’s Classes


Trail Bike class-Letter N, up to 150cc 4-stroke, air-cooled, maximum wheel sizes of 19” front and 16” rear, 7-15 yr. solo rider

65 Class- Letter P, mini class, 0-65cc 2-stroke, 0-110cc 4-stroke Trail Bike*, 14 inch front wheel and 12 inch rear, 7-11 yr. solo rider   Trail Bike for this class is defined as air cooled 4-stroke

85 Junior class- Letter Y, mini class, 66-85cc 2-stroke, 100-150cc 4-stroke, 17” front and 14” rear, 7-11 yr. solo rider

Super Mini class - Letter W, mini class, 66-105cc 2-stroke, up to 150cc 4-stroke, maximum tire sizes of 19” front and 16” rear, smaller tire sizes permitted, 12-15 yr. solo rider

Women class- Letter T, 66-105cc 2-stroke, up to 150cc 4-stroke, maximum wheel sizes of 19” front and 16” rear, open age female solo rider



3 Hour Classes


Expert AA class- Letter M, open age and displacement, top ten riders from previous year, solo

A3 Open class- Letter A, open age and displacement, solo rider

Vet A 30+ class- Letter V, open displacement, 30+ yr. solo rider

B3 Open class- Letter B, open age and displacement, solo rider

Vet B 30+ class- Letter F, open displacement, 30+ yr. solo rider

Senior – Letter S, open displacement, 50+ solo rider, A skill level although B level can ride

A Team* class- Letter H, A, B, or C skill level, open age/ displacement, 2 riders, max of 2 bikes

B Team* class- Letter L, C or B skill level, open age/ displacement, 2 riders, max of 2 bikes


* A team consists of two (2) riders and a maximum of two (2) bikes. Teams should compete in the class corresponding to the higher skill of the two riders. Advancement from “B” team to “A” team will mostly be “on your honor”, or at the discretion of the series chairman at any point before, or during, the season. In order to score points as a team, the team must remain intact (same two riders) for the season. If a racer rides solo for team points, he/she must sign up and pay for his/her absent teammate.


2 Hour Classes


A2 Expert class- Letter E, open age/ displacement, 2 hour expert, 13 yr. old minimum age, solo rider

B2 Class- Letter Z, 2 hour solo, 13 minimum age, open displacement

C Jr class- Letter X, 86cc and up, 2 hour solo, 13-20 yr old age bracket

C  class- Letter R, open displacement, age 21-34, 2 hour solo

C Vet class – Letter K, open displacement age 35+, 2 hour solo

SS 50+ class- Letters SS, open displacement, 2 hour solo, 50+ age, any skill

Women (2hr) class- Letter C, 86cc and up, 13 yr minimum age, solo 2 hour


2.      Rider numbers (unique) must be displayed on the bike on each side and front number plate. Riders should use the last 3 digits of their AMA number. Riders must display their class letter on all 3 number plates and the back of their helmet. The letter must be 3 inches in height and of a contrasting color. A one (1) lap penalty will be imposed if a rider fails to properly identify his/her bike and helmet.


3.      Number Plates: Only Expert AA riders are to display red number plate backgrounds. Red backgrounds are encouraged but not required of the Expert AA class.


4.      Riders must purchase or rent a transponder to be scored during an event (at the designated price, transponder fees go to the Hare Scramble Maintenance Fund). Team riders will use one (1) transponder to be exchanged during the race.


5.      The bike size for afternoon classes is limited to 86cc and above. Ages are limited to 13 years and older.


6.      A rider whose bike exceeds posted sound limits [when measured per the AMA procedure ] at any time during the event  will face disqualification and forfeit of any points that may have been earned during the event.


7.      Any non-sufficient funds (NSF) will result in withholding points until payment has been received in full plus any applicable bank fees.












1.      Points at each event will be awarded based on the results generated by the electronic scoring system according to the following schedule:


·        1st    25

·        2nd  22

·        3rd   20

·        4th   18

·        5th   16

·        6th   15

·        7th   14

·        8th   13

·        9th   12

·        10th11

·        11th10

·        12th  9

·        13th  8

·        14th  7

·        15th  6

·        16th  5

·        17th  4

·        18th  3

·        19th  2

·        20th  1



2.      Series standings will be based on points earned over the entire season subject to the following “throwaway” schedule:

·        less than 10 races – 1 throwaway

·        11 or 12 races – 2 throwaways

·        13,14, or 15 races – 3 throwaways

·        16 or more races – points counted from 75% of events (any fractional point rounded to the NEAREST whole number, 0.5 or more rounds up).


3.       Any rider that assists in a D-14 Hare Scramble will be allowed to use one less race than the requirement and his/her best finish of their season results will be added to complete his/her total class and overall points as a work credit. A rider must notify the Hare Scrambles Chairman in writing or by email at least one month prior to the event which will be worked at.Once this is submitted and approved, the rider must work the event and not race. A “work credit” can be for work done before an event or the day of the event at the promoter’s discretion. A rider cannot get work and ride points the same day.  No work points will be awarded for Super Endurance Events.

Calculating Work Points: example [A 12 race series allows two “drops”. Rider’s best finish goes toward final points.


If two or more riders are tied in points at the end of the season, tie-breakers will be used to determine standing. The tie breaker will be the most 1st, or 2nd, or 3rd (etc.) place finishes. If a tie still remains then the rider that finished better at the last event both competed in.


4.      All 3 hour solo classes are eligible for series Overall points


5.      The top three (3) overall riders (3hr) will be recognized as champions outside of their respective classes. The remaining riders of those classes will advance up since the top three advanced out.


6.      The top ten (10) overall riders from any three hour solo class of the previous year will be promoted to the Expert AA class. These riders must ride the Expert AA class if they are riding the 3 hour solo program, or A2 Expert 2 hr class if they choose to race the shorter program in a subsequent year. The class is optional for other riders; however, once a rider signs up for Expert AA that rider MUST ride the remainder of the season for the 3 hour solo classes.

·        National Hare Scrambles do not pertain to the rule.


7.      The A2 Expert 2 hour class (E) riders include: the top ten (10) 2 hour overall riders from the previous season, and any 3 hour A or AA Expert rider that wants to race in the 2 hr program. A2 class (E) is open to any rider that meets the B2 class requirements.


8.      Riders switching between 2 and 3 hour classes must ride at the same skill level. If a rider places in the top ten overall in the 2 hr program he or she must ride in the Expert AA [M] class if competing in the 3 hr program.


9.      Any rider that has previously won a Michigan District 14 Hare Scramble Overall Championship cannot run in a “B” class.


10.   Rider class advancement will follow current AMA Racing Amateur Competition Rule Book, AMA Off-road section 2.1.6 (Appealing Advancement/Classification). Rider advancement point status may be checked on the AMA website.  Riders must submit an advancement appeal to the AMA and an appeal board will review appeal and make a ruling.



11.   Any rider who participates in enduro’s, MUST ride the same specific skill level in hare scrambles as if they entered into an enduro. (ie. AA enduro would run “M” or “E” class; B  runs “Open B” 2 or 3 hour.)  A rider may move up a skill level but not down.







1.      The Hare Scrambles program will consist of a strict schedule of events to be arranged and finalized at the District Sanction meeting, prior to the start of the new race season. A.) The D-14 Hare Scrambles season will begin March 1st and end October 31st. Events held before or after these dates will not receive D-14 Points. B.) There will be no championship point races on Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th weekend, or Labor Day except by special permission from the Hare Scrambles Committee.


2.      All events scheduled at the December meeting (that do not conflict with rule 1a and 1b) will pay D-14 points. The only races scheduled after the fall meetings that can be awarded points are those scheduled to replace a race dropped by another promoter. If possible these events should be scheduled on the same date as the canceled event. The change must be properly advertised. National Hare Scrambles points will not count towards D-14 Hare Scrambles.


3.      No competing D14 hare scrambles events will be scheduled on the same day anywhere within District 14 unless agreed upon by the Division and the promoters involved.


4.      The series Chairman, Officers, and Promoters can collectively approve a “special” race, which is either co-sanctioned with another series or is run as a “Special Endurance Event”. These events are to be explained in detail prior to the start of the season. Riders will be awarded points if the series Chairman, Officers, and Promoters agree to do so. Only one Super Endurance Race may be run per year.


5.      Parade laps will be at the discretion of the promoter with the agreement of the Officers. If a parade lap is offered it is advisable that a 15 minute break (suitable to length of track) is given to allow for refueling and assemble at start line following the parade lap. Riders are expected to be ready for parade lap at the designated time and promoters are under no obligation to wait for a rider before beginning a race. All mini classes and youth classes are required to have a parade lap.


6.      All District 14 classes will be offered and points given in order to receive District 14 sanctions. Two or more riders will constitute a class for trophies/awards in that event. If only one rider signs up for a class, that rider will receive points for that class in that event. That same rider may be moved to another class for trophies/awards.


7.      The Scoring & Registration Team (appointed by Chairman) will utilize the scoring equipment (Moto-Tally) maintained by the Hare Scrambles Division. There will be a service fee of up to $270 per event payable to the Scoring/Registration Coordinator. The club/ promoter will pay an equipment rental fee of $30 payable to the Hare Scrambles Equipment Maintenance Fund. The club/promoter will provide the necessary number of people to assist the scoring process, at least 3 persons to do back-up and/or flagging.  The club/promoter is responsible for supplying adequate shelter from the elements and a steady power source to run the scoring equipment.


8.      $4 per D-14 rider will be collected by the club/promoter at sign-up to be forwarded to the Hare Scrambles Treasurer or Chairman with the race report (this includes all racers riding in a points paying class at a D-14 sanctioned event; except in case of a dual sanctioned event. Those riders other than D-14 may be excluded.). This is to be done no later than 14 days after the race date. If the Treasurer informs the Chairman of non-payment from an event, the Chairman may recommend no points for any of the promoters remaining sanctions. This account will be maintained strictly as the Hare Scrambles Awards Fund for post-season activities, set forth by the riders’ votes from the riders’ meeting.


9.      The Hare Scrambles Chairman, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Points Keeper, Web Director, Rider Reps, and Scoring Specialists will be exempt from gate fees. They are issued an ID tag and will present it to the staff as they enter the track.




1.      The Hare Scrambles committee will consist of 12 members, including the Chairman. The riders will elect 7 members each year. 5 will be appointed by the Chairman


2.      The seven (7) committee members elected by the riders need not be racers. Two (2) will be designated the Rider Reps, one (1) will be the Alternate Rider Rep, one (1) will be the Treasurer, one (1) will be the Points keeper,  (1) will be the Vice Chair, and one (1) will be the Chairman for the division.


3.      Of the five (5) committee members being appointed by the Chairman one must be a rider and the remaining will be from clubs/promoters conducting Hare Scrambles.


4.      All committee members must be members in good standing of the AMA and must hold a current Associate Membership card in D-14.


5.      The Hare Scrambles committee will meet a minimum of twice a year. One meeting will be the Saturday before the fall sanction and general membership meeting of AMA District 14 Club Council, as set by the DFCC Board of Directors. The second meeting will be between October 01 and the annual meeting. This meeting will be designated as the Hare Scrambles Annual Meeting.


6.      The Hare Scrambles Annual Meeting will be held for the sole purpose of proposing new rules, making future plans, reviewing the past season, etc. by the riders in the presence of the Hare Scrambles Committee. Election of the 7 positions by the riders for the Hare Scrambles Committee will be held at this time.


7.      The Hare Scrambles Riders annual meeting will be held at a designated place to be announced to the riders at least 30 days in advance. The general meeting of the riders will follow the Hare Scrambles Committee Meeting.


8.      The Chairman may convene the Hare Scrambles Committee at any time during the year to consider requests for action on any aspect of the sport deemed necessary.