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    What is District 14?

 AMA District Fourteen Club Council, Inc. is made up of AMA clubs and promoters in the lower peninsula of Michigan and a small Eastern corner of the Upper Peninsula. 

In 2010, the DFCC the organization celebrated it's 35th year in sanctioned racing/road riding events.  The events are motocross, enduro, hare scrambles, ice racing, TT, dirt track, ATV racing and road riding. The District does it's best to support all those interested in motorcycle and ATV racing,  and road riding..

District Fourteen Club Council is governed by a Board that includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Division Chairs, and AMA Congress Representatives. 

Membership is from 2,000 up to 4,000 at any given year.  Putting together a schedule for all the racers/riders is not an easy task.

Why should I join District 14?

As an individual or club, District 14 offers you support in all your motorcycle related activities.

We offer:

  • Monthly newspaper
  • Friendly competition
  • District 14 is a feeder of ideas & needs for AMA
  • Comradery with fellow riders
  • District 14 sanctioned events are insured
  • Longest running Michigan motorcycle association
  • Non-discriminating as to manufacturers of bike
  • Activities for the whole family
  • Promote charity events
  • Part of the nation's largest lobbying group
  • Sanctioned rides give the opportunity to ride/meet new people/visit new areas.

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