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2017 Hare Scramble Champion
Shane Spangler



ATTENTION: We will be having Saturday signup (the day before the race) for both the Plymouth Blackhawks and the Portland Trail Riders races.  6-8pm for Plymouth Blackhawks and 6-8pm for Portland.


District 14 new classes and race format for 2018

We will be racing with (1) scoring shoot.

Races will be (2) hours plus (1) lap


M Class. (Letter M)

Top ten from M class 2017. Top five from E class 2017. Any rider can run M class, but if you start in this class you cannot move out. Any rider over 45 years of age that finished in the top ten three hour or the top five two hour in 2017 may opt out of the M class for an A class only.

Team A (Letter H)

Open A (Letter A)

30+ A (Letter V)

45+ A (Letter K)

Team B/C (Letter L)

Open B (Letter B)

30+ B (Letter F)

45+ B (Letter Z)

55+ B/C (Letter S)

13-24 C (Letter X)

25-34 C (Letter J)

35+ C (Letter C)

Women’S (Letter W)


Classes will not rotate. Starting order will be the same every race