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Hare Scramble, FES, Enduro Off Road Banquet
Mt Pleasant, MI 48858

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Saturday, February 17, 2018, 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST
Category: District Activities

Hare Scrambles/Enduro/FES

Awards Banquet

Saturday, February 17, 2018




Click Here to register for tickets to the banquet

Cocktails 5:00pm (Cash Bar) / Dinner 6:00pm



$32(+bank fees)/Adult 13 years old+

$15(+bank fees)/Child under 12

High Chair age FREE.

Please Note: Registration deadline for the banquet is Wednesday, February 5, 2018.

No tickets will be sold at the door, and we cannot issue refunds.

Seating is first come, first serve. Come early to get first choice of seats; banquet room will open at 4:30pm.

To reserve a room for the night, call the hotel and let them know you’re with District 14 to get our group rate. (limited number of rooms!) $99 rooms reserve by Jan 15th for promotional rate.Call 989.956.0461 to reserve your room.

Questions: Kevin Fleszar (734) 735-3717, Mike Maurer (517) 655-5505


District 14 Enduro
Banquet Award Winners


Grand Champion - Tyler Vore


A Overall - Zachary Dubois (4th Overall)

B Overall - Troy Warster

C Overall - William Woods

Top 12 Overall

1..Tyler Vore

2.  Corey Parlin

3.  Talon Soenksen

4.  Zachary Dubois

5.  Ryan Moss

6.  Sam Mattingly

7.  Tommy Cox

8.  Logan Densmore

9.  Owen Hufnagel

10.  Brett Dubois

11.  Jerry Schroeder Jr.

12.  Trevor Bristol


A 200

Scott Allen

A 250

Jeremy Pelaston

Eddy Cox


A Open

Craig Hamilton

Clayton Erb


A  30+

Jerry Schroeder Jr  (11th overall)

Robert Cribbs

Fred Kraemer

B Open

Eric Smith

Zachery Peters

A 40+

Mark Beltinck

William Fowler


A 50+

Brett Dubois  (10th Overall)

Kevin Allen

Vic Flegel

Mike Greenman


B 200

Shawn Duffey

Stanley Szlachciuk


B 250

Travis Guaresimo

Jack Vonderwerth


B Open

Zachery Peters

Bennett Sutton

Adam Harner

Robert Dickey


B 30+

James Fox

Andrew Parlin

Jared Sainer

Jason Francis


B 40+

Matt Heeres

Jean Lavallee

James Johnson

Brian Scram

B 50+

Mark Adams l

Kirk Tolley

Bill Fritz

Tom Densmore


C <= 29

David Drouillard

Evan Harrison

Glenn Sipes

Neel Bhagat


C 30+

James Martin

Todd Fogle

Taylor Leisure

Kalmer Urm

Brent Illig


C 50+

Paul Keener Shipp

Scott Piper

Dicky Bhagat



Jeff Kirkwood

Jerry Pekel

Jeffrey Fisher

John Bombyk



Kelsey Pacholke

Tina Flegel


District 14 Hare Scramble
Banquet Award Winners



Expert 3 HR

Shane Spangler 1ST
Talon Soenksen 2ND
Joe McNeil 3RD
Chanse Meylan 4TH
Alexander Stein 5TH
D Aaron Wegner 6TH
Jason Beaton 7TH
Jordan Mapes 8TH
Paul Guy 9TH
Zachary Stein 10TH
Thomas Cannon 11TH


Open A

Brandon Rose 1ST
Leland Vanhaitsma 2ND
Tyler Tanis 3RD
Mike Veach 4TH
Jason Spangler 5TH


Vet A 30+

Thomas Coughlin 1ST
Richard Levine 2ND
Steven Stein 3RD
Ron Scharphorn 4TH
Paul Azar 5TH


Open B 3HR

Ross Fernandez 1ST
Justin Ray 2ND
Tyler Ratfiff 3RD
Dominic Frankini 4TH
Gerard Bartys Jr 5TH
Jack Vonderwerth 6TH
Joshua Gloria 7TH


Vet B 30+

John McClure 1ST
Michael Illig 2ND
Gregory Senyk 3RD
Dean Mathews 4TH
Shawn Zendler 5TH
Joshua Lauzon 6TH
David Carpenter Jr 7TH
James Johnson 8TH


Team A

Spencer Hasbrouck & Zach Fry 1ST
Brian Kidner & Neal Soenksen 2ND


Team B

Jeff Harms & Ryan Harms 1ST
Andrew Denny & Robert Denny 2ND


Senior 50+

MarK Becker 1ST
Douglas Amato 2ND
Michael Greenman 3RD

Super Senior 50+

George Kelley 1ST
John Cain 2ND
Thomas Hyatt 3RD
Robert Ratliff 4TH
Brian Forbes 5TH
Ken Deneweth 6TH
James Bailey 7TH
Edward Richardson 8TH
Roger Tanis 9TH
Kim Mahncke 10TH
Ken Reichenbach 11TH
Paul Buhr 12TH


Expert 2HR

Chase Cain 1ST
Logan Densmore 2ND
Joseph Mapes 3RD
Jeremy Zajac 4TH
Douglas Kelley 5TH
Tracy Hall 6TH
Noah Sears 7TH
Luke Mapes 8TH
Jason Roerig 9TH
Ezra Roerig 10TH
Bret Dittenber 11TH


Open B 2HR

Carson Nye 1ST
Fred Britton 2ND
Joseph Bibbler 3RD
Josh South 4TH
Matthew Dixon 5TH
Justain Fordt 6TH


C 13-20

Zack Matousek 1ST
Matthew Fleszar 2ND
Andrew Hyatt 3RD
Spencer Wollet 4TH
Gage Baker 5TH
Own Showek 6TH
Travis Reichenbach 7TH


C 21-34

David Drouillard 1ST
Brandon Bohl 2ND
Toby Baker 3RD
Jeremie Hascall 4TH
Gabriel Forkel 5TH
David Brown-Strange 6TH
Kyle Reichenback 7TH


C 35+

Ryan Helvie 1ST
Brent Illig 2ND
Kalmer Urm 3RD
Brian Trucks 4TH
Douglas Henn 5TH
Paul Keener-Shipp 6TH
Stanko Glavan 7TH
James Thelen 8TH
Jeff Carroll 9TH
Mark Hardman 10TH
Aaron Cook 11TH
Bryan McMullen 12TH


Womens PM

Taylor Carpenter 1ST


AM Classes


Ryan Harms 1ST
Ethan Schalow 2ND
Blake Cain 3RD
Joseph Flahie 4TH
Carson Robinson 5TH
Olivia Gallt 6TH


85cc 7-11

Bode Meylan 1ST
Ty Denney 2ND
Brenden Galinis 3RD
Nicholas Kline 4TH
Alex Pawlowski 5TH


65cc 7-11

Patrick McMillen 1ST
Gavin Tokarczyk 2ND
Jake Quinn 3RD
Karma Levine 4TH
David Dixon 5TH
Declan McMillen 6TH
Warren Quinn 7TH
Brody Karg 8TH



Alex Somers 1ST
Zzyzic Smith 2ND


Womens AM

Kayla Morgan 1ST
Mckayla Wezell 2ND
Jennifer Pankey 3RD