(These guidelines are a supplement to the AMA Road Guidelines)

  1. To earn District 14 points, a Rider or Passenger must be a current member in good standing of the AMA and District 14.

  2. Points will be awarded on the following basis for Riders and Passengers:

          1st - 10 pts, 2nd - 9 pts, 3rd - 8 pts, 4th - 7 pts, 5th - 6 pts, 6th - 5 pts, 7th - 4 pts, 8th place and under will be 3 participation points.   Three(3) participation points will be awarded to anyone working at the sanctioned District 14 Road Event.  A list of workers must be forwarded by the sponsoring club along with the referee’s report to the Road Division Points Keeper.  All D14 participants not placing will receive three (3) participation points for riding the full course and finishing the event.  At each event, DFCC place points are to be awarded to DFCC members.  This proposal is not to change the awarding of trophies at each event, only place point standings by virtue of their membership.  If a DFCC member rides more the one event in one day, that member will be eligible to receive points earned in that day, but must finish all events.

      3.  Participation points will be awarded for attending other than D14 events as follows:  Two (2) points for AMA Sanctioned District Tours and Rallies, AMA Championship Road Events and AMA Road Riding Convention Series.  One (1) point for any other AMA sanctioned event.  Participants must send a card signed by the sponsoring club’s official, to the District 14 Road Division Points Keeper within 14 days after the event.

        4.  On the drawing of the cards at a poker run, only the original 5 cards count towards District 14 points.

        5.  Points will be tabulated for events from November 15 through November 14 for all AMA/D14 sanctioned events.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, clubs will be required to announce, post or by receipt the D14 points awarded at the end of the day of the event, for the event that just occurred.  Referee reports need to be in within 14 days.

     6.  All clubs promoting D14 Road Division events will pay $.25 for all sign-ups AMA or NON-AMA per rider or passenger for awards and operating expenses.  The funds will be forwarded to the Treasurer/Points Keeper with the event referee’s report.

      7.  Any club that is delinquent in referee reports as of December 1st will be granted no sanctions for the following year.  Referee reports should be forwarded to the Treasurer/Points Keeper within 14 days after the official date of the event.

       8.  The Road Division Committee will consist of a Chairman, two Road Congress delegates, a Road Division Legislative Officer and a Road Rider Representative, selected by the members of the Road Division present at the District Annual meeting each year.  A Secretary and Treasurer/Points Keeper will be appointed by the Road Division Chair.  All Road Division records (minutes, treasury reports, membership rolls and receipts with addresses of vendors) are to be retained and maintained from year to year to maintain continuity through changing officers.

       9.  Invitational Poker Runs will have a 200 mile limit from another club holding an open sanctioned poker ride with a 50 mile limit.

      10.  No advertising for a non-sanctioned event in the D14 schedule book on days when there is a sanctioned event.

       11.  Pay participant points for all D14 Road events.  A minimum of 3 events are required to be eligible for a season award.  We have 10 awards for riders and 3 for passengers, if there is enough qualified.

        12.  Dual Sport events will be moved from the Road Division to the Enduro Division.

         13.  Events involving questions and answers must have results posted 30 minutes before awards are presented. (Observation & Quiz Runs)